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Minneapolis Pet Portrait Painter

Custom Pet Portraits

Custom Pet Portraits

Since January 2023, I have been honing my skills as a pet portrait painter. Pet paintings are some of the most rewarding art pieces that I make! Not only is it a great way to commemorate the arrival of new pets, but it also serves as a beautiful tribute to the spirit of older pets and those who have crossed over the rainbow bridge. I truly believe that having a pet portrait on display can bring a sense of warmth and love to any home.

Painting Process

Dog Portrait
Pet Painter
Dog Portrait Peinter in Minneapolis, MN
All paintings are painted with high quality acrylic paints on either a 7/8 inch depth canvas (canvas smaller than 16x20) or a 1 1/2 inch depth canvas (16x20 or larger). The canvas sides are painted to match the piece, allowing you to hang the portrait beautifully without a frame.


Minneapolis Pet Portrait Pinter
Please contact me directly for international shipping prices!

Commission Process

Step 1: Choosing a good reference photo

Good reference photos are the most important factor to a great pet portrait! The better the lighting, the easier it will be to capture your pets unique attributes! If you are planning to photograph your pet, consider taking the picture outside or in a place in your home with good natural light. Treats are your friend!

That being said, don't worry too much if your photo is not the highest quality; I can work with most images. Please keep in mind that I can usually fix most flaws found in your reference photos, such as a camera flash glare or a slightly out-of-focus image. However, extremely blurred or poorly lit photos won't work. Providing additional photos can be really helpful, especially if your main reference isn't the best quality. This allows me to piece together any missing or unclear details for your painting accurately.

If you already have a specific vision in mind for your pet's portrait, just let me know and I'll bring it to life. Otherwise, just send me a photo (or several!) of your pet and I'll make all the decisions to create the perfect portrait.

If you're having trouble choosing a photo, no problem! Just email me at with as many photos as you'd like, and we'll work together to find the perfect one.

Step 2: Please review the pet portrait Terms and Conditions!

I know reading Terms and Conditions is not the most glamorous thing. However, it is important that we are on the same page about timeline, intellectual property, and social media sharing. 

Step 3: Place a deposit

Feel free to either contact me directly, or place an order through my site.

Once I receive a 50% deposit, I will secure your spot on my painting schedule.


When the painting is complete, I will send you a picture of the finished product and we can discuss any revisions that you want made.

After you approve the piece, I will allow it to dry for several days, apply a varnish, and then ship it to you!

Before placing an order please check the schedule to gain an understanding of when your painting is expected to be finished

Get in Touch

Thanks for submitting!

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